Earl is a 2012 graduate of The National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, Virginia. We are very excited to have him as a part of the Serendipity family.  He was a Five Star rated LMT for previous employers and was also a recipient of Massage Envy's 2016 Rising Star Award for LMT's in the region.


Earl specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue. He has also studied Sports, Prenatal, and Myofacial release. His relaxing style has been described as fluid and free flowing. 


Earl was drawn to massage at an early age when he and his younger sister were given the chore of rubbing the feet of their mother after her long days at work. Both hated the task initially, but for Earl, it became a labor of love when he began to see the relief his hands gave his mom.

services Earl performs

  • custom therapeutic massage

  • couples massage

Read what Serendipity clients say about Earl:

"Greetings to Serendipity, This was my second visit, and again with Earl. He is a wonderful massage therapist. His touch is firm yet gentle all at the same time and he is nimble in working all parts of the body.  Even his folding and unfolding of hot towels is wonderful- graceful and expert rolled up (and rolled down) all at once. Thank you so much" - Diane

"This was a great experience! The staff immediately greeted me upon arrival and introduced me to my massage therapist Earl. He was was awesome! He listened to my needs, addressed them appropriately and even made a suggestion for an alternative technique that may suit me." -- Rick R

"Earl was an amazing massage therapist! I have had many, many massages (it's kinda my thing) in my lifetime, and Earl's service was easily in my top 3, best of all time. He was very thorough, with perfect pressure and stroke (sorry, not trying to sound creepy) but his massage was amazing! Also, I am often ticklish on my legs whenever I get a massage, but I had none of that discomfort with Earl. I was totally relaxed and the stress and pain melted away for the entire hour. I feel like I slept better last night too. Admittedly, I often hit up the neighborhood $60/hr, hole in the wall spa, that is a pretty decent massage. But you guys offer something that is well worth the price- utmost professionalism, beautiful environment and a dynamic massage with all kinds of perks- warm towel, heated bed, oil scented masks and a fantastic massage! Much thanks to Earl! I will return!" -- Margot B

"I've been coming here for 10 years. I treated myself to a 2 hour massage yesterday with Earl. My body was definitely stressed out and my muscles were knotty. When i left, all of that was melted away. they always take such good care of your body, mind, and spirit at Serendipity Wellness and that is what makes this place so special. Thank you, Earl, and thank you (as always!), Serendipity!" -- Rachel

"The studio is wonderful! I didn't feel like I was in an office, and I was not at all pressured by staff to purchase items or schedule my next massage or anything. The massage room itself was spacious and warm, and Earl was fantastic! He asked enough questions to understand what I wanted, but wasn't overly chatty. He kept me covered very modestly and warm, so I was not at all uncomfortable. It was incredibly relaxing!" -  Stacey K

"Earl was a magician. I don't think we exchanged even a full sentence but he somehow managed to figure out every hurting spot and work it out. I was able to fully relax and immerse myself in what he was doing, which was absolutely incredible. I've been to a lot of therapists over the years and he was using techniques I'd never experienced before. The bar at Serendipity is already pretty high but he absolutely shattered all expectations. Normally I leave still feeling a bit sore in places but the benefits of what he did have lasted for days now. I've been in pain and in a bad mood for a while now but afterwards I felt like I was able to fully enjoy my family. I will absolutely be booking an appointment with him again and have already recommended him to my husband and mom." - Elizabeth D

"Earl is amazing I’m going to miss him when I move!" - Emily L

"Earl is a true healer! I saw him at his old place, and was so thrilled to learn he joined your team; he's 5 star +++!"  Laura B

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