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Mobility Stretch Membership

We want you to feel happy with your progress in health and energy levels! 

Sign up for our Mobility Stretch Membership program and experience Less stress, Better Flexibility, More Energy, and be able to move with ease and free from pain. 

However, I notice many people do not take the time or put in the effort to take care of our own body which is taking beating every day from lot of different kinds of pressures.  Are you one of them?  Don’t beat yourself up as you are not alone.

I want to help out my customers and do my bit to get them relaxed, reduce their back pain, get healthy, gain energy to spend time with their loved ones doing will the things they want---without their bodies being a limiting factor

I created a special Mobility Stretch membership just to help you!

Mobility Stretch for Life Membership
6 month commitment
  • Entitles you to UNLIMITED Mobility Stretch for Life classes every month

  • Not valid with any gift certificate, including SpaFinder and Serendipity Wellness Studio

  • Memberships and services cannot be shared or gifted.  It is only for the individual who purchases

  • It is up to you to register and attend classes.  If you fail to attend classes in any month, no refund will be given.  

  • A 6 month commitment is required; after that your membership will go month-to-month. Membership may be cancelled anytime after your 6 month commitment period simply by sending an email to  letting us know you would like to end your membership.  We should receive the email prior to the end of the month.  

  • Your credit card will be charged at the beginning of each month.  Prices are subject to change with 30 days notice.

  • cannot be shared with or gifted to anyone

  • you must register for each class in advance

Mobility stretch class lung pic.jpeg
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