We will be instituting a number of changes to our procedures and policies to do our best to keep both clients and Serendipity staff as safe as possible.

  1. FACE MASKS-  All clients and staff will be required to wear a face mask while at the studio.   

  2. Prepayment of appointments -- we will request that you pre-pay for your appointment.  When you arrive for your appointment, call to let us know.  We will take pre-payment over the phone.

  3. No clients in waiting area -- Clients are asked to remain in the cars upon arrival at the studio.  Please  call us at 571-217-1150 to let us know you are here.  We will call or text you back when we are ready for you to come straight into your treatment room.  

  4. Removal of shoes upon arrival -- to limit what is tracked into the studio, we will be providing sanitized slip on sandals to you to ear while in the studio.  

  5. Our front door will be locked.  Be sure to call 571-217-1150 upon your arrival for your scheduled appointment.  You be let in by your therapist.  

  6. Please only the person who is receiving services should be coming into the studio.  Please do not bring someone who will be waiting for you.  The waiting area will essentially be closed.  Candy and tea will be removed temporarily.  

  7. Please only bring what you need for your appointment in---leave anything that isn't a necessity in your car.  

  8. Health Questionnaire/ temperature:  Clients will required to complete the COVID Questionaire before each appointment.- bring with you  or email in prior to your appointment. Your temperature will be taken upon arrival.   

  9. We have replaced the soap dispensers in the restrooms with hands free dispensers.  

  10. Hand sanitizer will be available in all the treatment rooms.

  11. Each room will have a sanitized plastic bin to put your clothes in during your treatment rather than on the chairs. 

  12. An additional layer of protection on each table will be a sanitizable sheet between the bottom sheet and the heating pad on each table.  In addition there will be a extra disposable layer under the face cradle cover.  

  13. Plexiglass partition used to separate practitioner from client during facials. 

  14. Extra sanitization -- Each room will be sanitized in between each appointment- all handles, surfaces and anything touched during appointments, tables, light switches, etc.  Bathrooms will be cleaned / sanitized at least 1x per hour

  15. Blankets on the table will be replaced with large towels so that they can be changed out after each service

  16. Therapists will be wearing a vinyl apron that can be sanitized between appointments

  17. As always, therapists will wash hands and arms thoroughly prior to and after each appointment.  

COVID 19 pre-treatment health screening questionnaire

Please complete and submit online a prior to your appointment