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Darren will be back on the schedule beginning June 11, however it will be a condensed schedule as he eases his way back into massaging.  If you can't find an appointment with Darren online, please email Jennifer at and we will try to get you on his schedule.  

After working in Broadcast Television for over 20 years, Darren decided to leave the industry and pursue his interest into the massage therapy field.  “I first started thinking about massage therapy as a career when I was coming to Serendipity as a client.  One day after a session, I asked Jennifer if she would mentor me if I every pursued massage therapy, and she said ‘sure.’ Little did I know, about 4 years later I would be working as a therapist at my favorite wellness studio!


As a therapist, Darren enjoys working on specific problem areas, and can also help clients find deep relaxation.  “My goal is to convince muscles to relax, not beat them into submission.  I work with a clients body to achieve the desired results, which takes less of of a toll on both of us.”


In a custom therapeutic massage session, Darren takes a medical massage approach and uses a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage, massage cupping, foot reflexology, trigger point therapy, orthopedic massage, and myofascial release techniques to help reduce pain and increase range of motion.   If you are seeking relaxation, Darren also incorporates breathing exercises and meditation techniques to help turn off our “fight or flight” response.  Darren also uses his certification in prenatal massage to help expectant mothers relax, and helps manage their low back and hip pain.

:services Darren performs

  • custom therapeutic massage

  • couples massage

  • aromatouch therapy

  • pregnancy massage 

  • lava shell massage

  • table thai stretch

  • reflexology

Read what Serendipity clients say about Darren:

"Darren is fabulous! A gifted healer! Thank you, Darren!" -- Erin F

"Darren is an excellent masseuse and very professional" --  Cynthia R

"Amazing massage by Darren- thank you!!!" -- Brenda B

"I can't say enough about Darren, his talent and how much I enjoy my time at Serendipity Spa. I have purchased the membership, given two gift cards to family members and look forward to my monthly massage. So glad I found you all!" -- Kristin B

"This was my first visit to Serendipity. I selected Darren based on his positive reviews and what his bio said about his focus in massage. I came to my appointment with pain in my left shoulder and limited mobility. Darren was welcoming and spent time discussing needs prior to the massage. The whole massage experience was wonderful! Darren purposefully takes his time and does dig at an area like so many other therapists can when trying to work out a pain point. I was pain free at the end of my appointment, and aside from some residual stiffness the following day the pain has not returned! I have already scheduled my next appointment with him and look forward to it!" -- Jill W

"Always a very pleasant experience no matter which masseuse I see. Darren was amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing him again" -- Christina W

"Darren was wonderful"-- Martie N

"Darren was an amazing masseuse. He tailored my massage based on my issues. No headache today thanks to Darren!" -- Tanya R

"Darren is a magical massage unicorn. He has x-ray vision and that is how he find the pain points."-- Juani A

"I chose 10 because Darren was phenomenal. I knew exactly how to pin point my trouble areas. I will definitely recommend him and be back soon." -- Latasha H

"Darren is the best" -- Pam B

"I am so grateful to have been recommended to Darren for therapeutic massage.  I am so grateful for the time he takes to talk to me beforehand, for his calm, for his gentle mannerisms, for his knowledge, for his support, for his guidance, and for his knowledgeable and effective techniques.  He is AWESOME!   I should have written this long ago, but didn't want this week to end with me putting it off until "next time".  I am on the road to recovery.  The healing is not instantaneous, but it is progress and I look forward to continuing down the path towards a healthy body and mind!  Thank you, Darren, and Serendipity Wellness Studio for being there for me!" - Blair  D

"Darren's massage was one of the best I've ever had. I have recurring back and neck pain so I came in looking for a bit of bodywork but also for relaxation after a long stint traveling and taking care of kids. He did a great job working out some problem areas near my neck yet overall the massage was very relaxing. He was very good at interpreting my verbal cues and descriptions of what I wanted out of the massage and the end result was very rejuvenating. I also loved the incorporation of aromatherapy in the massage. Darren walked me through how he would use the different oils (lavender and orange blossom under the head rest while I was face down, and then a mask with peppermint to help clear my sinuses once I was face up) and it was a nice touch without being overwhelming" - Hannah H

"My first therapeutic massage at Serendipity Wellness Center was by far the best experience I’ve had in a long time. I booked a two hour appointment with Darren who was very warm and inviting. He took a moment to explain some breathing and relaxation techniques to make the most of my massage experience and it helped tremendously. He was very thorough and incorporated new techniques that allowed me to relax and decompress. Darren is a true gentleman who really enjoys his work and it shows through his personality and techniques. Thank you Darren, I’ll be back!" -- Cindy F

"Darren was so spectacular yesterday for my massage.  That was the most powerful massage I have experienced in my life.  He really connected the communication piece just by feeling what's happening through my body because I have a bum shoulder. I know one thing, you got good people at your place.  I just thought you would want to know how thrilled I was to get Darren last night." -- Lisa H

"Darren was phenomenal. He truly listened to my needs and gave me the relaxing experience I desperately craved. For the first time in years, my shoulders are relaxed and not tensed up. He worked magic on my muscles and a little on my soul, too. Thank you, Darren!" --Samantha F

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