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The Benefits of an Epsom Salt Foot Soak

There’s nothing more relaxing than soaking your feet in warm or hot water. On top of this, when you add Epsom salt to the mix, you can also take advantage of a variety of health benefits.

Best yet, you don’t have to soak your feet every day to take advantage of the benefits. Once or twice a week for roughly 20 to 30 minutes is all that it takes. Here are some of the many benefits of an Epsom salt foot bath:

• Softer skin

• Improves muscle function

• Improves nerve function

• Relieves stress and anxiety

• Eases muscle cramps

Also, if you’re dealing with a specific issue — such as toenail fungus, gout, or athlete’s foot — an Epsom salt bath is a natural treatment method with proven results.

If you’ve never experimented with an Epsom salt foot soak, you’re missing the boat. Even if you’re not interested in any of the health benefits above, it simply feels good. It’s a great way to unwind at the end of a long day or after a strenuous workout.

Give it a try, track the results, and if everything checks out add it to your weekly health and wellness plan.

Jennifer Ferdinand, owner of Serendipity Wellness Studio in Burke, VA, has been practicing massage therapy and esthetics since 2006. She is nationally certified through NCBTMB, and licensed in Virginia for both Massage Therapy and Esthetics.

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