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Welcome to Serendipity VIRTUAL

Mobility Stretch Studio membership

Thank you for your membership purchase.  I hope you enjoy and receive the amazing benefits I have from this stretching.  You will need to have a Facebook account to access the classes. 


You can use the link below or search for Serendipity Mobility Stretch while logged in to Facebook.  Once there, request to join the group an you will have access.


Please refer to the documents loaded under "files" for some helpful tips and a little bit of background information on the resistance stretching.  


I recommend that you do do some of this stretching every day, if you can.  You can do it several times a day or as often as you can.  Try to follow along as best you can.  Please use the comments area to ask any questions so others can benefit from the answers as well.


Recommended equipment:

     yoga mat

     foam half dome

     yoga strap

     yoga block 

if you don't already have any of these, you can purchase from  I have provided some links of some inexpensive options (I am an Amazon affiliate and do get a small percentage of each of these sales).  Of course you can choose to purchase or not purchase from where ever you choose.  

 yoga block / and strap combo

 yoga block  (set of 2)

 yoga strap

 yoga mat

 foam half dome

Some other items you may enjoy: 

Great book to read to find out more about foot health and mobility-  Simple Steps to Foot Pain relief by Katy Bowman

 toe separators 

toe separator socks


Purchase zero heeled, wide toe box, flexible shoes:  XERO SHOES:


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