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Mobility Stretch for Life

     NEW Stretch Studio 

5272 Lyngate Ct Suite 200













Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better 

with this unique stretching program that focuses on the fascia

A better stretching method.

 Are you ready to restore your damaged fascia and start aging backwards? 

Get the body you always wanted so you can do the stuff you always wanted to do

Get naturally perfect posture & say goodbye to stiffness!

 Learn how to remove pain for the rest of your life

Holding big stretches doesn't work 

Everyone knows they need to stretch. The truth is that most stretching makes you stiffer than when you started. 

I have been a student and fan of yoga for the past 12+ years, but have have never been able to break free of chronic low back and shoulder stiffness and pain. I have always been active and pretty “flexible”.  I thought this stiffness was just a function of aging and there was nothing more I could do about it. I was already stretching and doing yoga, working out and getting massages regularly. 


What else could I do? 


Then I discovered a truly life changing new kind of stretching…. resistance stretching. When I was introduced to the notion of resistance stretching, I knew this was something I needed to learn more about.  Once I received training and started doing this amazing technique daily, I experienced amazing changes in my body. My back pain and stiffness is GONE. Where I used to be keenly aware of my back and the stiffness throughout my day in all my movements, I am now amazed to be aware of how UNAWARE I am of my back. Activities, movements and positions that would previously highlight or increase the stiffness, now occur easily without pain or discomfort.   

My sleep has improved because I am no longer awoken during the night because my back is communicating its discomfort with a particular position. I get up in the morning and jump out of bed…no longer taking a little bit of time to work through stiffness and soreness.   


In massage school I remember reading about how “healthy tissue doesn’t hurt”. I have always had areas throughout my body that would experience pain while massaged or even just to general touch. This wasn’t muscular pain, but something else. Something that we never really learned much about in school. This was FASCIA.


 After doing resistance stretching (that focuses on fascia) for many weeks, I experienced healthy tissue for the first time.  I was amazed.   No more pain or persistent stiffness   


 I truly feel that I am aging backwards and can move in ways that I thought were lost to me.     


I want to share this amazing stretching technique with all of you and help you to improve and maintain your mobility for life.    


Come spend a hour with Jennifer and start to regain mobility and rid yourself of pain

Come learn an innovative new way to stretch that focuses on your fascia and leads to long-lasting improvements in flexibility, strength, alignment, stiffness and tension.


*Do you want to get more flexible?

*Are you tired of feeling stiff and achy all the time?

* Learn how to reverse the aging process and get flexible with Mobility Stretch for Life.


Everyone knows they need to stretch. The truth is that most stretching makes you stiffer than when you started.

Want to know why?

1- You create micro tears in the tissue.

​2- You weaken your muscles.

3- You over stretch your joints.

4- You miss the root cause.

Your joints are tired and worn out and asking for a break!


Neck, shoulders, elbows, wrist, back, hips, knees, ankles - the pain you feel isn't a mystery. You may have already noticed that if you keep stretching into it - it just gets worse. Your joints are already working hard enough. They need a break. They need to heal. Other forms of stretching target joints and the pain just gets worse. It's time to change to something new. Learn to target your fascia----the root cause of your stiffness and pain.  


Come wearing loose, comfy workout clothes. Bring a towel, water bottle and a open mind to learn something amazing.


Instructor: Jennifer Ferdinand

Cost: $25

Pre-payment is required

Series package discounts available :

Mobility Stretch for Life- 5 series............$106.25   (15% discount)​                                                                     under category- sort by Yoga

Mobility Stretch for Life- 10 series..........$200.00   (20% discount)

Mobility Stretch for Life- 15 series..........$281.25   (25% discount)

Mobility Stretch for Life- 20 series..........$325.00   (35% discount)

Mobility Stretch for Life- 25 series..........$375.00   (40% discount)

Mobility Stretch for Life- 40 series..........$500.00   (50% discount)

Mobility Stretch for Life membership - read more

Mondays       5:30pm

Thursdays    4:00pm 


Mondays 5:30pm

Thursdays 4pm

under category- sort by Yoga

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