Our Series options allow you to buy in bulk, save money and use at your leisure. 

(within expiration period)

If purchasing as a gift for someone else, please make the purchase under the name of the recipient.  The "Series" will then attach to the correct person.  If you have any trouble, please don't hesitate to call us at 571-217-1150

  • Each series does have an expiration date.  The countdown starts when you make use of your first service of the series. 

  • All series are for individual use.  They cannot be transferred or used by another person or used by anyone other than the individual it was purchased for. 

  • A series in only valid for the services that you purchased; it cannot be used towards other services.  A series must be purchased with either cash, check or credit card---cannot be purchased with any gift certificates. 

SWS Series options- New Pricing - 12:201
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