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Benefits of Using a Humidifier this Fall and Winter

With air conditioner weather in the past, it won’t be long before you’re relying on your furnace to keep you warm.

As colder weather moves into the area, dry air can impact your body in a number of ways. For this reason, using a humidifier has a variety of benefits. These include but are not limited to:

·      Healthier skin and hair: Without a humidifier, it’s likely that your skin and hair will dry out, thus leading to itchiness and flaking among a variety of other side effects. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, thus helping you avoid this issue.

·      Prevent the spread of airborne viruses: Several studies have shown that higher indoor humidity levels help reduce the spread of airborne viruses, such as the flu. That alone should have you strongly considering the use of a humidifier.

·      Allergy symptom relief: Modern humidifiers allow you to better create the perfect atmosphere, ensuring that you don’t create a favorable environment for allergies. This is particularly important during the fall months.

It doesn’t matter if you have a whole house humidifier or a portable unit, it can benefit your health in a number of ways. Consider adding one of these to your home before cold weather arrives for good.

Jennifer Ferdinand, owner of Serendipity Wellness Studio in Burke, VA, has been practicing massage therapy and esthetics since 2006. She is nationally certified through NCBTMB, and licensed in Virginia for both Massage Therapy and Esthetics.

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