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60 minutes ...... $135         

This facial features the Restoration Age Reversing cosmeceutical line from BlackBox Cosmetics. We use a combination of 6 revolutionary products that merge science with nature. Each product is created from a base of organic aloe and botanical extracts ... not water. They are organically and botanically preserved with no formaldehyde-releasing parabens.

The Age Restoration Facial also gives us an opportunity to pamper your face and décolletage with a stimulating facial and massage. Each facial consists of thorough cleansing, customized exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, extractions, if necessary, a relaxing facial massage to release tension in the facial muscles and stimulate lymphatic flow, relaxing décolleté, neck and scalp massage, and application of a targeted customized treatment masque minimize the effects of aging.  

Next we apply warm facial towels over your face, and use pressure point massage to maximize the benefits of the moist heat,

BlackBox cosmeceuticals are scientifically designed to repair the damage and to bring forth younger, healthier looking skin. Each product contains its own unique blend of the most advanced age-reversing & rejuvenating skin-care nutrients on the planet.

Blackbox agre restoration products.jpeg
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