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Jeannie was first introduced to massage while working in the travel industry.  Her former co-workers would ask her for massages when they had headaches or back pain. One day she was massaging a former co worker, when another former co worker said to her "You can get paid to do massages."  At the time she didn't believe her.  Her reply was "if that was true I would be doing it by now."  That was in 1994, several months later she read an article about "Up and coming careers for the 90's" and massage therapy was one of those jobs.  Needless to say she apologized to her former co-worker for doubting her.  Those experiences sparked a light into Jeannie's spirit that never went away.  This was especially when she moved back to the East Coast.  It seemed that her spirit was talking louder and louder.  Jeannie listened to that spirit was and found a massage school in Woodbridge, VA.  In 1997 she graduated from The Piedmont School of Professional Massage.  She loves being a massage therapist.  Jeannie is board certified through the NCBTMB. Since becoming a massage therapist Jeannie has also answered a calling to become an Ordained Minister and Reiki Master.  Jeannie specializes in relaxation massage.  

services Jeannie performs

  • custom therapeutic massage

  • couples massage

  • AromaTouch Therapy

  • Reflexology

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Read what Serendipity clients say about Jeannie:

"It was my first time at your place and I was very happy with the service I got. Jeannie was so polite and professional. I would definitely come back to here.  Thank you and keep up with the good service!" -- Sofia A

"AMAZING MASSEUSE -> JEANNIE! I developed lower back tightness from compensation due to a recent knee surgery. Jeannie spent extra time on my lower lumbar region and IT bands which was so helpful. I am going to try their Isometric Muscle Balancing to help with re-strengthening my weakened muscles and the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy for an even deeper tissue massage." -- Melissa L

"Exceptional massage this afternoon with Jeanne. Truly this was the best massage ever. In the past, I have treated massage as only an occasional indulgence -- in part because of the expense and in part because of the time/inconvenience. Your location is convenient and your prices are very reasonable AND the quality of the massage was heads above what I've experienced before. I'm very satisfied."- Laurie P

"I had an absolutely amazing massage today from Jeanne Walker. That says it all." - Bill D

"Jeannie Walker is the best massage therapist I have been in many years, and I've been to a lot of them. SHe has the perfect Swedish massage, medium pressure touch. Terrific massage." -Bill D

"Jeannie was wonderful! Professional; listened to my specific concerns; and made sure I was comfortable and that she was applying the necessary amount of pressure during my massage. I can’t wait to return!" -- Angelina R

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