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Have You Considered an Evening Workout?

Many people enjoy working out first thing in the morning. It helps them clear their mind and prepare for the day ahead. Not to mention the fact that it clears their schedule in the evening for other activities.

Even if you enjoy this routine, you should experiment with working out in the evening. There are many benefits of doing so, including but not limited to:

• Stress relief: You take on a lot of stress and anxiety during the day. By working out in the evening, you have the opportunity to “blow off steam” in an effective manner. It sure beats binge-eating ice cream while watching your favorite television show!

• It makes you tired: If you struggle to fall asleep at night, working out in the evening may help.

• Easier to focus: When working out in the morning, your mind may be in a hundred places. You’re thinking about your workday, picking your children up from school, and when you’ll have time to go grocery shopping. It’s much easier to concentrate in the evening when this is all behind you.

The next chance you get, spend a few consecutive days working out during the evening hours. You may find that the change suits you well!

Jennifer Ferdinand, owner of Serendipity Wellness Studio in Burke, VA, has been practicing massage therapy and esthetics since 2006. She is nationally certified through NCBTMB, and licensed in Virginia for both Massage Therapy and Esthetics.

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