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Hana Nai'a

natural Hawaiian Coffeeberry

Skincare products


There are so many healthy food items to choose from in our daily lives – all of which promote varying degrees of health benefits. Finding foods and skincare products that are antioxidant rich is pretty common and coveted as we strive to live a healthy lifestyle.

Antioxidants help defend our bodies from harmful molecules called free-radicals. Free radicals tend to cause cell damage and accelerate the aging process. Antioxidants relieve stress on the body and free the body from these damaging agents. 

While you can find antioxidants in these common healthy house hold foods, Coffeeberry is the superior option: 

Coffeeberry has so many wonderful health benefits – it is one of the most powerful antioxidant boosters containing 2,590 antioxidants per serving.  Coffeeberry improves BDNF and supports optimal health by riding the body of free radicals. 

Dark Chocolate is made from the seed of the cocoa tree and is known to be packed with nutrients. In comparison to Coffeeberry, Dark Chocolate only has 1,950 antioxidants per serving. 


Açai Berry is grown in Central and South America and are nutrient dense super fruit but compared to Coffeeberry they only have 1,860 antioxidants per serving.

Elderberry is the dark purple berry from the European elder tree, and it is known to be a boost to the immune system. Though when it comes to antioxidant levels it is fairly low on the list coming in at 980 antioxidants per serving. 


Raspberry are a sweet fruit that benefit digestion and detox. Though, when it comes to antioxidant power they fall in last place with 471 antioxidants per serving in comparison to Coffeeberry.


Hana Nai'a Hawaiian Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Extract is harvested in the nutrient dense volcanic soil of Kona Hawai'i. If you add a few drops to your coffee, cocoa, favorite beverage or blend with your favorite lotion or serum to enhance its antioxidant free radical fighting potential it truly will work wonders!

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